Shopping safe online

Given this current climate with self-isolation required, there’s a chance you’re doing a bit more online shopping than usual. So, we’ve put together a few quick tips for shopping safely and securely with your Cashplus card online.

  • Always use trusted websites (look for the security padlock). Make sure any site you’re using is secure – you can tell because the URL will start with https:// and feature a padlock icon next to it.
  • Check before checkout. It always pays to review your shopping cart before checking out to avoid paying for any double-ups or unwanted items.
  • If you’ve lost your card, you can lock it. It’s simple and easy to freeze/unfreeze it through a few simple clicks on the Cashplus Mobile App and Online Servicing, or by calling 0330 024 0924.
  • If you’re a business customer, keep track of your spending and categorise your transactions on the Cashplus Mobile App.

If you’re shopping in store, remember that you can use contactless for purchases up to £30. However for extra protection, occasionally you’ll be asked to insert your card and enter your PIN when making a contactless payment, even if it’s under £30.

When shopping, using a card is generally safer than carrying cash. Transactions are more traceable and if misplaced, you can block or replace cards.

Manage your spending with the Cashplus Mobile App

If you haven’t already, make sure you download the Cashplus Mobile App. It’s a safest and easiest way to manage your account online and you need it to log in to Online Servicing. View your spending and manage multiple cards with just a few taps.


Always be vigilant about potential fraud and scams

Even in these uncertain times, scammers will try and make of the most of any opportunity to trick shoppers. To help you stay one step ahead of the fraudsters, here’s a few things you can do to protect yourself.

  • Before making a payment, always double check who you are sending funds to. Be wary if they don’t accept card payments and ask you for money directly.
  • Do your research and always question deals that sound too good to be true – there’s a chance it might not be what it seems.
  • Keep an eye on your transactions and statements so you can spot any payments that you don’t recognise.
  • Never share your login details, password or memorable questions with anyone, including Cashplus.
  • Always use different passwords for your online accounts and create passwords that use a mix of upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols.


For more tips on how to spot a scam, read our cybersecurity tips on how to stay safe online.

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This content was created on 20th March 2020

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