Streamline your payroll and supplier payments

Send bulk payments the same day, at a low cost

Bulk payments simplified. And made cheaper.

Save 45%+ compared to the High Street Banks* with Cashplus’ Bulk Payments Portal.

Whether you’re an in-house finance team or a Payroll Bureau managing your client's bulk bank transfers, we know you’ve got enough to do already. The Cashplus Bulk Payments Portal allows you to streamline your bulk payments flawlessly, giving you speed, efficiency and serious cost savings on bulk payments like payroll and supplier payments.


What you get

We provide an online banking portal for you to process bulk payment files via faster payment, along with underlying payment account(s).

There's no need to switch banks - simply use Cashplus for your bulk payments and keep using your existing bank for everything else. 


Reduce your costs

In business, time is money. Faster Payment fees for bulk payments are often expensive when using traditional banks - using Cashplus to streamline your bulk payments not only reduces your payment fees but saves you money by making the entire process quicker, more efficient and more accurate. No monthly fees, no fee per bulk file and no expensive manual keying mistakes – just a low per payment fee. It’s these savings that can make a real difference. 

Additional benefits include:

Speed up your payments

Gone are the days of waiting for slow BACS cycles. Our secure online Faster Payments portal means bulk payments are made the same day. Faster Payments gives you complete control of how and when you schedule payments, giving you back valuable processing days and the ability to make last minute adjustments prior to submitting your payments.

Reconciliation & Client Segregation made easy

Want simple and easy reporting? With our Bulk Payments Portal, payments are easy to reconcile and monitor, with daily reporting available. There’s also the ability to have multiple payment accounts so you can segregate funds in and out for separate clients or budgets.

Tighter control over payments

With multiple user profiles available, you’ll be able to give your colleagues different permission levels, putting you in control of the approval flow. With optional dual factor authentication to process payments, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your payments are being made correctly and securely.

How does it work?

It’s this simple.

  1. Create a Bulk Payment File or export one from another system (i.e. your payroll software)
  2. Upload the file to Cashplus’ secure Payments Portal & nominate which payment account(s) the payments should be made from
  3. Review the pending file(s) in the Payments Portal. Reject, edit and approve the files
  4. Submit the files. To do this, you’ll receive and input a security code via SMS (dual factor authentication)
  5. Payment(s) made. Funds are then automatically transferred from your Cashplus Payment Account(s). You can then review your payment history and reconcile payments  

    Alternatively, also use the portal to make single payments if required.

Interested and want to know more?

Existing Cashplus Customers

If you're an existing customer and already have a Business Current Account with Cashplus, then get in touch to talk about opening the Cashplus Payments Portal and having it linked to your existing Cashplus Account. 


'The benefit of lower cost faster payments is huge. For us this product is a game changer.' 



- Leading UK Umbrella Payroll Provider


'Cashplus' automated payment initiation saves us between 2-3 days of internal admin time per week. With our large and growing customers base, the ability to manage and reconcile a large number of separate clients' accounts with clear reporting is invaluable.' 

- Leading UK Umbrella Payroll Provider

Integrate & automate

Our Payments API puts the latest payment infrastructures at the heart of your platform, app and back office systems simply, seamlessly and quickly. Integrate it into your existing products or use it as a foundation to innovate new services. With our sandbox environment and expert support team on hand you’ll enjoy greater development autonomy.  

  • No need to export and upload batch files with automated and scheduled bulk payments
  • Allow seamless end to end payroll workflow within your environment
  • Dedicated partner portal to review and approve payments
  • Multiple account reconciliation

Contact us now to join some of the UK’s leading Payroll platforms that are integrated to enable Cashplus customers to initiate bulk payments from within their system.

Ask an expert

If you’d like to know more about how Cashplus APIs can help your business deliver faster, more reliable and secure payment and payroll solutions, speak to one of our business development team today.

*The average savings for Cashplus corporate customers is 45%, lowering the average faster payment transaction fee by £0.48. Potential savings can be up to 85%.

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