Our Credit Add-Ons.

Ready to kick in when you need that extra bit of help. 

We’ve designed our unique set of credit products to make sure we can provide the kind of support you or your business needs.

As a responsible lender we’ll need to make sure you meet our eligibility criteria before you can add these onto your Cashplus Account, but don’t worry, as soon as you’re eligible we’ll let you know. Please remember: Late repayments on credit products could cause you serious money problems. If you need assistance, please visit the Money Advice Service


Business Cash Advance

Keeping your cash flow in check or protecting your growth

We’re pleased to introduce you to Liberis, our preferred Business Cash Advance provider.

No two businesses are the same, and no two working days are the same. The Liberis Business Cash Advance is a flexible alternative to a business loan - designed with just that in mind.

The key advantage in using a Business Cash Advance is that your repayments flex with your sales - they’re calculated as an agreed percentage of your card takings each day. That means if sales slow down over the summer, your repayments will too. Similarly, when takings are high, you’ll repay quicker and could be eligible for further funding. Liberis will verify your eligibility upfront and offer you the maximum amount that they can (up to £300,000). It’s then up to you to choose how much funding you need, to give your business a boost.

Approval rates are much higher than the banks, decisions are quick and minimal documentation is required.  This allows you to get back to the important task of running your business, and planning how the funds will help your grow!

Costs are straightforward too: there’s a one off fixed cost added to the balance, so nothing upfront. And the amount you owe will only ever come down. As long as your Business takes card payments, then you’re eligible to apply for the Business Cash Advance.

Click here to get a quote from Liberis today and fund that project.

We’ll send you an offer to apply via email, confirming the maximum amount we can offer you

You confirm the amount you want to borrow up to your maximum limit

Your loan amount will reach your Cashplus Business Account within one business day

Your repayments will be taken based on a percentage of your daily card takings

Business iDraft

Preparing your business for the unexpected

The Cashplus iDraft is your regular safety net – have up to £2,000 ready to kick in when you run out.

We’ll let you know as soon as your eligible and then it’s as simple as a few taps in the app (or clicks in Online Servicing) to add it to your account. Whether it’s covering the occasional bill or stretching for some necessary maintenance, use your iDraft when you need and repay it back when you can.

Representative Example: Credit Amount: £2,000, 0% interest fixed, £1.50 per day flat usage fee. Total amount payable: £2,540. Representative 30% APR.

Debit Protect

Direct Debits paid on time - even when you're short.

Running a business can be pretty time-consuming.  And sometimes that means things, like paying into your account to cover that office bill, just get forgotten.

So that you can stay clear of those rejected payment fees that a small business can really do without, we’ve designed our Debit Protect service to provide you with some extra cover.

If we can see that you’ve got a Direct Debit due out of your account and not enough funds to cover it, we’ll get in touch before it’s due to let you know. And if you’re eligible we’ll offer to lend you the exact amount of the Direct Debit and guarantee it’ll get paid on time for you. 

Representative Example: Amount of credit: £69.46 for 12 days, Total amount Payable £76.63, Interest rate: 292%, Representative 1877% APR.


Your route to a better credit score

Maybe you’ve let a few defaults make their way onto your report, or you’re new to UK and want to show you’re a responsible borrower but don’t have the history yet.

We designed Creditbuilder to help people just like you. It could help improve your rating and all you pay is the cost of your normal monthly account fee.

Representative Example: Amount lent by APS: £71.40 for 12 months, 0% interest. 12 monthly payment of £5.95. Total amount payable: £71.40. Representative 0% APR.

Important: Payments must be made on time to avoid damaging your credit rating, as we’re obliged to report this information to the Credit Reference Agencies.  For more information on how Creditbuilder works and signing up, view our Creditbuilder page.

There are no credit checks to add Creditbuilder to your account

We turn your monthly account fees into a loan agreement. (No money changes hands)

Each month, you pay your current account fee as normal – no interest is charged

We report this to the Credit Reference Agencies as successful loan repayments


When you're in a pinch

Our answer to a short term loan. iAdvance is designed for those emergency situations – be it an urgent repair or a higher than normal utility bill -  if you need some extra cover, we want to help.

You can borrow as much as you need, up to your own approved limit. Our offers go up to £400 but we’ll take into account what we know about you to give you a limit that meets both your needs and what you can manage. The loan will be added onto your Cashplus Account so you can use it just like your own money.

Representative Example: Amount of credit £69.46, for 12 days. Total amount payable £76.63, Interest rate: 292% pa fixed. Representative 1877% APR


Your regular safety net

Sometimes having the added peace of mind that your card won’t be declined makes all the difference.

By adding our iDraft to your Cashplus Account you’ll have a reusable line of credit available to use, in case your own money runs out. Once you set up your iDraft via your Mobile App or Online Servicing account, it’s yours to use on whatever you choose. Withdraw cash, cover bills – dip it when you need to and simply pay back into your account to repay it.

Representative example: Credit amount: £100 for 12 months, 0% interest, 75p per day flat usage fee, capped at £10 per monthly statement period, plus a one off arrangement fee of £20. Total amount payable: £240. Representative 230% APR.

Apply via online servicing or mobile app

Withdraw cash, cover Direct Debit and Standing Order or and make purchases

Flat daily usage fee, only charged when used

Debit Protect

Direct Debits paid on time - even when you're short

We’ve all been there – you’ve got a Direct Debit due out of your account but not enough funds to cover it and you’re left with a rejected payment fee. It’s pretty frustrating.

We don’t want you to get hit with unnecessary fees, so we’ve designed a pretty unique service that you can add onto your account.

If we can see that you’ve got a payment due and not enough funds in your account to cover it:

1. We’ll send you an alert letting you know that you’re short before your payment’s due

2. As long as you meet our eligibility criteria, we’ll offer to lend you the exact amount of the Direct Debit and get it paid on time for you. That leaves you to a bit more breathing room to pay us back when you can.

Representative Example: Amount of credit: £69.46 for 12 days, Total amount Payable £76.63, Interest rate: 292%, Representative 1877% APR.

What next?

If you’re an existing Cashplus customer, we’ll let you know as soon as you’re eligible for one of our credit add-ons via email, Online Servicing message or SMS. (if you’re a personal customer on a monthly plan, Creditbuilder should automatically be available for you to sign up to).

Worried you’ve missed a notice? No problem – just login to Online Servicing or the Mobile App. Your eligible products will display on your Account Overview screen, or you can visit the Credit Add-Ons section.

If you’re after some more information on any of our products, check out our help centre.

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