Online Servicing and managing your account 

Managing My Account

  • You Can view your account balance in real-time whenever 24/7 via the Cashplus Mobile App or Online Servicing. You can also view and download up to 18 months of transaction history.

  • A ‘pending transaction’ puts money to one side from the cash that’s in your account. Everything you pay for using your card starts off as a pending transaction and usually becomes authorised for payment within two calendar days. There are three main times when it might take longer for a transaction to become authorised:

    1. Something you’ve paid for or money you’ve withdrawn has been authorised for payment, but hasn’t been taken from your account yet, for example, a monthly DVD subscription
    2. ‘Reserved’ funds requested by some places you use your card. For example, when checking in, some hotels take your Cashplus card details for an ‘authorisation transaction’ that reserves enough money to cover your bill
    3. ‘Voids’. For example, when you change your mind about something you’ve bought and the store cancels it, or if a payment has been duplicated, it may take a few days for it to clear off your account

    You can view your pending transactions in Online Servicing.

    The pending transaction will either go through, so the money is taken from your account, or it’ll be removed automatically within 7 days (apart from car hire fees – these can take up to 30 days), with the money going back to your account balance.

     If you’d like a pending transaction to go through more quickly, we’ll do our best to help – please contact Customer Services.

  • Please see our question on pending transactions for an explanation.

  • There are several reasons why your card might be declined, including:

    • Not entering your PIN correctly
    • Not having enough money in your account to cover the payment
    • Your card isn’t activated
    • Your card has passed its expiry date

    Please call Customer Services if the reason isn’t clear from the above and isn’t shown in Online Servicing.

  • There are a few simple steps that you need to take if a transaction appears on your account that you don’t recognise:

    First, we recommend  checking with any additional cardholders on your account, in case they’ve bought something that you don’t know about.

    Check through your receipts as a business name may be slightly different than the name they print on a receipt, which is the name that will appear in your transaction history in Online Servicing.

    If none of the above helps you, please contact the company directly to try and resolve the dispute – this is the quickest way of recovering your funds.

    If they’re unable to help you, you can complete a transaction dispute form from within your Online Servicing Account and we’ll investigate the transaction for you. Please note, If it turns out you (or an additional cardholder) did use your card to buy something that you’ve disputed, you may be charged £20.00 to cover our costs.

  • Yes, and it’s super easy! Simply call our Customer Services team and request a block on gambling transactions. Applying this block will automatically disable any gambling-related transactions on your Cashplus Account.

    Gambling blocks aren’t currently available for the Cashplus Credit Card.

    This block is an optional measure to help you manage your spending. If you feel gambling is having an impact on your day-to-day life, get in touch with the National Gambling Helpline now on 0808 8020 133 for advice on how to stay in control, free of charge.

    How do I disable a gambling block on my account?

    You can call our Customer Services team to get your gambling block disabled. Please note that it will take 24 hours from your initial request for the block to be removed.


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